Dizzy Recap: Hendrick's Croquet Tourney


Props must be given to Metromix for their thorough coverage of Tuesday's 2nd Annual Hendrick's Gin Croquet Tournament, which invited top bartenders to compete on a pristine lawn in the Financial District while donning whimsical vintage sportswear. I wasn't there, but Ben and Gardner were, although they were pretty tired from celebrating Ben's birthday the night before. Even so, gin cocktails were had (all in a hard day's work), as were cucumber sandwiches. Congrats to the team from Macao for coming in first place. It's great to see a mainstream site like Metromix digging into the cocktail niche, and they also had a photographer at last night's World Cocktail Day fundraiser, which I will be recapping here as well, as soon as my headache clears and the photos are ready.