File Under: Sipping & Swinging


If you're looking for an alternative to a sweaty, packed happy hour where you spend more time trying to get the bartender's attention than actually enjoying your drink, mix up your routine with the Night Time jazz and cocktail event at The Night Hotel every Thursday from 6-9 p.m. through June 2. Crooner Marcus Goldhaber and the Jon Davis Trio, featuring: Jon Davis (piano), Pat O'Leary (bass), and Willard Dyson (drums) perform syncopated standards along the lines of Frank Sinatra that will transport you a world away from the bustle of the Theater District. I was there with a friend last week, and we both agreed that the hotel lounge's black-and-white setting paired with the jazz would make for a great date. The cocktail menu is more of the sweet, clubby variety (Sparkling White Grape Cosmo, Chocolate Truffletini), but I had the Citrus-Berry Mojito (Barcardi Limon, fresh raspberries, mint) and was happily sipping away. The performance was stirring and nostalgic, and it was refreshing to see musicians so comfortable in their element.


Photo by Belkis Carrasco.