Xplore the Wines of Chile? Yes, Please!

Ever since my first sip of Carmenere a few years ago--low in tannins, bold, spicy--I have a special affection for wines from Chile. Like Malbec from Argentina, Carmenere is the flagship wine of Chile--although I recently learned at a tasting at Louis 649 that other varietals, such as Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon, benefit from Chile's diverse climates.

So when I heard Xplorador Wines was on the hunt for "xploradors" to travel to Chile and witness the 2010 wine harvest, I knew I had to take this opportunity before time runs out. I've traveled as far as South Africa, where the Shiraz is lovely, but South America is a rich, luscious land that I dream of seeing. I have been curious about wine ever since I got serious about writing about food and fine beverages (check out a "wine 101" article and video I did in 2008), and I have covered the New York Food and Wine Festival as well as countless wine tastings. I would jump at the chance to learn more--wouldn't you?