Benedictine Battle: Alchemists of Our Age

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Alchemists, bartenders, mixologists, whatever you are calling yourselves these days--you have exactly one week to submit your best recipes for the "Alchemists of Our Age" competition sponsored by Benedictine and Esquire. In celebration of the spirit's 500th anniversary, cocktail slingers are being asked to step up and create a signature Benedictine drink that will honor the past and future of this liqueur created to revive Benedictine monks in 1510.

Cognac-based and created from 27 herbs and spices from around the globe (including angelica, hyssop, lemon balm, myrrh, saffron, aloe, arnica, and cinnamon), Benedictine's full recipe is a closely-guarded secret. Competitors are asked to submit recipes that use local ingredients yet are cost-effective, balanced yet intriguing, and the drink should tell a story, too.

The mixologist who creates the most exciting and unique cocktail will be chosen by renowned author and mixologist Dave Wondrich. Regional favorites will be featured in an Esquire recipe booklet with the overall winner appearing in a stand-alone Esquire profile in March 2010.

Submit your cocktail to by September 8th, and good luck!