Introducing: The Manhattan Cocktail Classic


"The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind."--Humphrey Bogart



Positive repercussions from Tales are already spilling over as New York cocktail enthusiasts rejoice over today's launch of The Manhattan Cocktail Classic. Spearheaded by Lesley Townsend (formerly of Astor Center), the event is officially planned for May to coincide with World Cocktail Week, but a preview event will be held Oct. 3-4 as well. Historical seminars, tastings, and parties are planned, and expected participants include the city's top cocktail and culinary talent. The announcement was quickly snatched up by the Diner's Journal in The New York Times, so it's clear this event will garner the attention it deserves. The idea of New York hosting its own cocktail fete apart from the ill-fitted New York Bar Show is really exciting!