Anything-but-Dizzy Recap: Detox

Well, good news, I successfully took 10 days off from drinking! Bad news--life was a little more uneventful than I would like to admit. So even though my social life suffered a bit--no, I wasn't singing kumbaya in a drum circle, but I did do a lot of yoga and reading--I definitely felt cleaner, more energetic, and lighter on my feet. I also felt like I reset my palate to zero--nothing like lots of carrot juice and brown rice to make you appreciate flavor again.

I stuck to a mainly vegetarian diet--raw juices and smoothies for breakfast, salad or other raw veggies for lunch, and cooked vegetarian for dinner. Other than fruit I had no sugar, and other than a few bites of cheese and cream in my coffee (yes, coffee, although I had less than normal), no dairy. I did have one egg and a minimal amount of fish. Snacks included handfuls of raisins or other dried fruits, raw walnuts, celery with peanut butter, and sliced roasted beets. I referred to Victoria Boutenko's "Green for Life," which explains the connection between alkalinity, health, and fresh raw greens. I think more than anything I proved to myself that my mind is stronger than my temptations, although there were days when a waft of bacon or the sight of a chilled gin martini sent me into dangerous territory. I'm already back off the wagon--hey, there's work to be done--but I do plan on keeping up with my newfound appreciation for healthier eating habits. After, of course, I finish digesting tonight's mac 'n' cheese and fried chicken.