The Venetian

Dizzy Recap: BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas

Bloggers bustin' moves at The Bank at The Bellaggio. "What happens in Vegas stays on Twitter."--catchphrase of BlogWorld '09

Thanks to my day job in PR and marketing, I recently had the privilege to jet to Las Vegas for BlogWorld Expo '09, a three-day conference on social media. Essentially, it was a wall-to-wall, nerdy lovefest (apparently there are elite bloggers with cult followings--who knew?), but there was a good amount of motivational energy regarding this brave new world of non-traditional media and user-generated content. It was hard to be stuck inside the Las Vegas Convention Center during 80-degree weather (I managed a couple of poolside breaks), but I did make some new connections and Twitter friends (yes, I said Twitter). Oh, and watching bloggers dance at the afterparties was pretty hilarious.

While I'll save the nuggets of social media wisdom for my boss (and the future of this here blog), I will let my Vegas photos illustrate the highlights ('cause who really reads blogs anymore, anyway?!):