Choice Productions

Dizzy Recap: Coalition Against Hunger Rooftop Soiree

The scene atop the penthouse terraces of Ramscale Gallery. "Summer's lease hath all too short a date."--William Shakespeare

Steamy August night, West Village rooftop--it doesn't get much more magical, does it? Living in NYC or any vibrant city, you could be having the worst day, and a sudden change of scenery can just transform the mood immediately--of course, a few cocktails won't hurt, either. Last week I found myself fortunate to attend a summer soiree hosted by Choice Productions to benefit the NYC Coalition Against Hunger. Held at Ramscale, a sprawling penthouse gallery with two terraces overlooking the Hudson River, the view, the crowd, and the Choice Productions staff were all easy on the eyes. The cocktails, created by Choice Productions founders (and former models) Jarred Sper and Matt Rachocki, were well-done summertime crowd-pleasers, and the food by Zoe "Brown Betty" Howell was an absolute treat. Looming, ominous dark clouds abstained from unleashing the soaking rain that we have all grown accustomed to this summer, and the event went off without a hitch.

Cocktails served:

Absolut Currant with muddled black grapes, lemon juice, and sweetened iced tea

Cherry puree, white wine, prosecco, St-Germaine elderflower liqueur, and cherry garnish

Absolut Peppar mixed with homemade lemonade and garnished with a hot pepper spear